Monday, February 2, 2009


Mum ( the little one) Grand dad, Great Grand dad, and Grandmum...

Florence Kirschen (Otway)

Mom's elocution school photo

Florence Kirschen (Otway) Sam Kirschen and Liliean Kirschen (Forman)

Lillian Kirschen (Foreman) Simon Kirschen of Berlod Rumania, and Florence Kirschen (Otway) in Boston 1929

Florence Kirschen (later Otway) in Mt. Vernon NY

Florence Kirschen (Otway)

Florence Kirschen (Otway) HS graduation 1935 (at 15 years old)

Florence and Anna Kirschen

Anna Kirschen ni Gold and Florence Kirschen (Otway)

Florence Otway second from left

Florence Otway at the drawing board 1940s

Florence Otway and her landlady at 16 Jane St. NYC about 1948

Nettie Pinks, Richard DuVale, Howard Otway, Florence Otway, Sam Kirschen, (?) (?) Anna Kirschen 1950-1

Howard and FLorence Otway

The second birthday of Dr.Thomas Otway sitting next to Howard Otway, Lorcan Otway is in foreground held by Florence Otway

Florence Howard Lorcan and Thomas Otway

Empire Room Waldorf Astoria (?) Howard Otway (?) Florence Otway Lorcan Otway Thomas Otway Drew Eliot

Florence Otway 1964

Florence and Howard Otway

Howard and Florence Otway

Florence Otway - designer for Calvin Klien - Fermo Italy late 1980s early 1990s

Mom Dudly Tomas Mercer Museum

Florence Otway as Margret Bourke White

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